Best Vegan Food In Tulum – A Complete Guide

Where to find the absolute best vegan food in Tulum

Tulum is a super popular destination in Mexico thanks to its beautiful beaches, magical Mayan ruins and unique cenotes. But if you’re wondering, will you be able to find vegan food in Tulum? Then you are in the right place.

We stayed in Tulum for 5 days and made it our mission to find the best vegan food in Town. Since it was our first stop on our trip around the world, and the first time we’d visited this part of the world, we did some extra research on where to find the best vegan food.

We were a little bit worried since multiple people told us it would be hard to find vegan food in Mexico. Oh how they were wrong!

Finding vegan food and restaurants in Tulum was not only possible but actually super easy. We have put together this guide to help you as much as possible on your quest for the yummiest Vegan food in Tulum.

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Be warned now that Mexican food is AMAZING and Vegan Tacos are addictive, so continue reading at your own risk.

But first, let’s cover some useful information.

A vegan smoothie bowl covered in fruit in Tulum

Where To Find The Best Vegan Food in Tulum

La Taqueria

This was hands down our favourite place to get vegan Mexican food in Tulum. It is not a fully vegan restaurant, however, and not the cheapest. But the quality of the food made us come back multiple times.

You’re seated outside and the atmosphere is perfect. The soy al pastor taco’s are to die for. We actually considered stopping in Tulum again on our way down from Cozumel to Bacalar just for these. The tacos are $50 MXN each, or 4 tacos for $170 MXN.

vegan soy tacos in Tulum

Laylo Vegan Lounge

This Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant also has an onsite market selling local goods.

With separate breakfast, lunch and dinner options, this is the perfect spot for any time of the day. Located just off the main street in downtown Tulum it is also super convenient to get to.

They serve simple dishes such as falafel, guacamole and tacos. Known for its fast service, this is the place to come for a quick bite if you are short on time.

I highly recommend the chickpea omelette for a tasty breakfast.

Los Bowls de Guadalupe

One of the best places for local, healthy vegan food in Tulum. Los Bowls de Guadalupe offers a range of healthy Yucatan style, vegan salad and smoothie bowls. A great place to come for a lighter local meal if you are looking for a break from tortillas.

Located by the beach this is a great spot to come and have a bite to eat in between tanning and swimming.

El Bajon Vegan Tacos

A fully vegan taco place. Great food for an amazing price. This is one of the most popular Vegan food spots in Tulum and it’s easy to see why.

We paid $25 MXN per taco, which is very cheap for Tulum. They have a little shop on the side with vegan products. There are different options, but we recommend the chorizo rojo! Quick service, tasty food and very affordable prices made this our #2 place for vegan food in Tulum.

vegan mushroom and avocado tacos in Tulum, Mexico

Pizza Papi

Ok pizza lovers, Don’t worry Tulum has got your back. Or more specifically Pizza Papi has. This fully vegan pizzeria serves incredibly tasty plant-based pizzas using all fresh local ingredients.

Even better, they have their own house-made vegan cheese too!

This place is a favourite among vegans in Tulum and it’s easy to see why. Don’t have time to go out and eat, that’s ok because these guys also deliver! Sorted.


This Vegan food truck is permanently parked on the road from downtown Tulum to the beach. It is the perfect spot to stop and have lunch on your way to the sea. Cycling there is safe and easy and they have tables outside for you to sit and eat at.

They have a real focus on sustainability and use all compostable utilities. Which is awesome! The menu highlights are the crown favourite jackfruit burger and their pink hummus bagels.

If you’re a coffee lover like us then their Iced coffee is THE BEST! Why not grab one of their yummy brownies to go with it? Just keep in mind Liefs is pricey but worth it.

Raw Love Town

Raw Love Town advertise itself as fully vegan, but they do use honey as a sweetener. This is clearly marked on the menu, and everything can be ordered without it. Great and healthy food, but the prices are aimed at tourists. It’s not cheap, but still, one of our favourite places to get healthy, colourful vegan food in Tulum.

The place looks great and the staff are very friendly. A full plate of food set us back about $200 MXN

The best vegan food in tulum was this avocado toast

La Hoja Verde

La Hoja Verde is one of the top-rated places for Vegan food in Tulum. Their vegetarian restaurant actually has a mostly vegan menu. They have affordable, simple yet delicious vegan food.

Hippie Beat Tulum

If you are exploring the Boca Playa Market area then be sure to stop by Hippie Beat Tulum. A fully vegan cafe with a lunch and dinner menu that changes regularly to keep you on your toes.

Be sure to try their smoothies they are delicious. They also have a shop on site that you can browse while you wait.

Coco Love

This vegetarian restaurant in downtown Tulum is the perfect place for art lovers. Enjoy the local crafts as you wait for your delicious healthy vegan food order.

People love this restaurant because of its cosy atmosphere and super friendly staff. The Menu clearly shows which options are vegan and they have a whole range from traditional Mexican dishes to burgers and curry.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat then the milkshakes here are amazing! They also offer a few yummy desserts such as cheesecake.

Matcha Mama

Perhaps one of the more famous vegan food spots in Tulum is Matcha Mama juice and smoothie bar. But did you know there are two in Tulum?

They have one down by the beach and one downtown, so no matter where you are in the area you can get your juice fix. This is a great place to start your day with a healthy and delicious smoothie bowl.

Top Tip*** The Famous ‘Follow that dream’ sign in Tulum is located just down the street from Matcha Mama.

The follow that dream sign in Tulum, Mexico

The Better Donut

A new addition to Tulum that we didn’t get to visit but is already becoming super popular is the fully vegan organic bakery that has opened in Downtown Tulum.

They sell a selection of fresh baked Vegan doughnuts, ice cream, milkshakes and Lemonade. They also have gluten-free options available, how great is that!

Where To Buy Vegan Food & Groceries In Tulum

Santo Vegano

Santo Vegano is a self-proclaimed mini, vegan supermarket in downtown Tulum. They are a great spot to stop by for things like superfoods, proteins and vegan hygiene products.

Tulum Farmers Market

In the centre of downtown Tulum, you will find this cute little Deli-style organic store selling takeaway food and organic vegan produce.

Gypsea Market

This organic whole foods style supermarket is located on the edge of downtown Tulum. It is very pricey but has everything you could possibly need all in one place.

We came here on a few occasions to buy our plant-based milk, tofu and veggies. They have a whole range of meat substitutes, fresh baked goods and organic cupboard foods.

Their tea selection was pretty impressive too. A little gold mine of Vegan food in Tulum.

A vegan shop counter in Tulum

Why Should You Visit Tulum?

Tulum pretty much has it all. Access to white sand beaches, it’s very own Mayan ruins to explore, countless Cenotes, great bars and restaurants and so much more.

It is easy to navigate your way around Tulum and Mexican people are super friendly. Not to mention they make some of the best food I have EVER had!

Vegan Food In Tulum – Good To Know Before You Go

Before you head to Mexico and Tulum it is a good idea to download the Google Translate app and download the Spanish language. That way you can always translate a menu or ingredients list even if you don’t have WIFI.

A mistake I made a couple of times was not asking for my meals without the cheese. If you go to a regular restaurant, most will have veggie options and they never say they have cheese on them but 9 times out of 10 they will come with cheese.

Learn from my mistakes and always say ‘sin queso, por favor ‘just to be on the safe side.

How Many Days Should You Spend In Tulum

We Spent 5 days in Tulum and this was maybe a little bit too long if you are backpacking like us. Unless you are coming for a resort and chill holiday on the beach then id say 3-4 days is plenty of time to spend in Tulum.

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Best Vegan Food In Tulum – Final Thoughts

We have travelled all over Central America and can still safely say that Mexican food is our favourite! Finding vegan food in Tulum was super easy, mostly thank you to tourism but whatever the reason we are just happy we got to try so much amazing food and eat ALL of the Tacos.

We hope you have the best time in Tulum and enjoy the food as much as we did!